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custom sauna builder michigan

Michigan’s premier custom sauna builder

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A custom sauna unique to your property and vision.

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Your suana is built with the highest quality, which will last for generations.

sauna west michigan custom builder


A lifetime of relaxation, health benefits, and good memories awaits in your personal sauna.

sauna custom builder michigan

From modern to traditional. High end to budget. Low tech to high tech. We will help you create the perfect fit for your custom sauna experience.

custom sauna builder michigan

Modern adjustable lighting, Wi-Fi controls, and sound systems available.

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Electric Heaters

Ideal for interior applications, or for those who prefer the convenience and control, electric sauna heaters come in a wide array of sizes, styles, and capacities, from modern HUUM heaters to more traditional looks.

custom sauna builder michigan
Wood stoves

Ideal for outdoor applications, the wood stove heated sauna creates a traditional Finnish sauna experience. We have a preference for the Michigan made Nippa sauna stoves but there are many on the market, which we are happy to purchase of assist you in deciding on the make and style of your perfect wood fired sauna stove.

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